Kathy and Hoby Strand

We live in Spicewood, Texas and come from simple farm families. The country life is in our blood!! Here we share a few family photos of our home and country life. I, Kathy, am a pilot and a nurse. Hoby…has farmed and ranched for his whole life.

We were introduced to the Wellness Pro Medical Device in 2010 when my mom developed severe sciatica from degenerative disc damage in the lumbar area. She was told that there was nothing that conventional medicine could do for her pain. She was to live on pain pills for the rest of her life.

We took her to see the Wellness Pro and within minutes her pain was relieved. We were amazed at what we had seen. Over the next week, we purchased a machine for her and in 10 days she was loaning it to her friends that had pain because her pain was relieved.

We then had some personal issues. We purchased our own machine to try for Hoby’s plantar’s fasciitis, which he had for 8 years. In 3 weeks he was over that problem and still has no problems with that today.

We opened an office in May of that year and started “playing” with the machine because I begin to see things happen that were unexplainable. All demonstrations were FREE. The machine WORKED and WORKED and pain was relieved on people that they hadn’t experienced in years.

As we were more and more impressed with the results of the machine, people started asking where they could purchase the Bio-Electromedicine System. While still employed full time in our DAY jobs, we began to sell machines, train and support, and sell more machines.

By the end of that year, we had sold 80 machines and quit the DAY job and went full time with selling and training with the Wellness Pro.

We now work with professional athletes, doctors, therapists, chiropractors, and individuals for the personal use as well as have a BIG team that we support that work with us. We have put our devices in over 225 schools in Texas for sports injuries.

We have been blessed with the business but the blessing comes when we are able to help SO many people that have pain and NO hope of pain relief!

Hoby…the boss loves huntinghoby
Hoby and Kathy​hoby_kathy

Home with the wild pigs, dogs and Longhorn cattle

Come see us in Texastexas
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