Electromedicine is a discipline within the field of medicine that deals with the use of electricity and frequencies to aid in the treatment of a variety of physical ailments.  

TENS Therapy

TENS Therapy Device

“If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of
Energy, Frequency and Vibration.”

Dr. Nikola Tesla

Introducing the Wellness Pro 2010 PLUS TENS Electrotherapy System Frequency Generator the most useful tool we have for improving the immune system, diminishing pain from many causes, balancing the energy of the body and overall wellness.

This microprocessor has 1000 auto codes with over 1,000,000 frequencies to choose from to use in the 100 programmable channels which emit micro-currents that work at the cellular level, entering the body via electrodes, and actually helping to restore cellular communication. We have used this modality for the last several years with great success for ourselves and with others who bought their own.


Every species of life has its own electromagnetic “signature”, a pattern of oscillation based on its individual genetic blueprint, which is different for all. Although it is classified as a TENS unit, this instrument is based on Royal Raymond Rife’s quest to study the unique electromagnetic “signature” of Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi; and experimenting with special frequencies to DESTROY them.


All digitally designed, simple to use, and comes complete with two manuals, electrode gel, extra codes, and personal instructions, flexible carbon electrodes stored in a modern, attractive carrying case that allows you to carry everything you will need as you travel. Totally Portable!!

Features Include:

  • New Deep Pulse Technology – Five wave types Burst,
    Spectrum, Sweep, Duplex and Continuous.
  • 1000 Auto Codes – Over 1,000,000 frequencies!  
  • Eight Leads for multiple stimulation which makes it
    possible to treat up to four people at the same time.
  • Includes carrying case with universal
    100V to 240V AC Adapter.
  • Industry’s first three year exchange warranty!  
  • World’s safest and most accurate system tested by the
    FDA, CAN/CSA, ISO, ETL, IEC and CE standards.

TENS therapy machine is used in many severe painful conditions or injuries providing you the best massage by means of low voltage electricity. TENS therapy pain relief machine is very safe and easy to use delivering optimal pain relief and relaxation.

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The most advanced TENS electrotherapy pain relief device on the market today!!

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