We are a family run business being operated by Kathy Strand, RN and Hoby Strand.

Our personalized service is what makes us stand out from any other company selling the Wellness Pro. We work with you individually with your medical condition and build a protocol for your pain condition. You have our phone numbers and talk to us directly about individual pain or disease conditions. We don’t just put the device in the mail and leave it to YOU to figure out. We have many references to vouch for our GREAT service and support!!

“We purchased this device for my mom. We were told she would never be without the use of lots of pain medications to control her back pain. After using the Wellness Pro for 10 days, her life drastically changed, and without the use of any pain medications. We soon saw others lives changed as well. We purchased one device for ourselves as a distributor and the rest of our success story is history. The medical device works and the pain relief is the largest health industry in the world. A trillion dollar industry in the United States. We believe in the device and enjoy showing it to others!” writes Kathy Strand, RN.

In Our Office, we specialize in only the most advanced pain remedy by utilizing the Wellness Pro Machine. There is no other device that can offer the pain relief that this device offers. We take your specific condition and work a specialized program to relieve your pain. Finally Pain Free is the only pain management clinic of its kind in the area!

***By Appointment Only. First treatment is $25 if you mention you saw this on our website!!

We offer the option to purchase the device for use in the privacy of your OWN Home!! You use it when YOU HURT! You can own the device by our financing plan cheaper than you can come to the office for routine treatments! Treat your pain at home instead of waiting for a doctor’s office to open or instead of taking lots of drugs!!

This is the MOST effective pain relief without drugs, chemicals, surgery, or other treatment regimes!!


Please Come in and Visit Finally Pain Free!