Heres what people are saying about the Wellness Pro Unit!

Truck Driver with Back Pain
I have had chronic back pain for over 20 years. I saw an ad in the Newspaper about a Pain Clinic. I called and talked to them and made an appointment for for the same afternoon.I received two different treatments. One was on a bed that had rollers and heat. This treatment lasted about 20 minutes. The second treatment was with a device that was called the Wellness Pro. This was called electrotherapy. Pads were placed on my back and I held cylinders. I could feel the treatment but it was not painful in any way.I began to notice that I was not feeling any pain. This treatment lasted about 30 minutes. I have been pain free for 3 days. I was told at the Clinic that with my problem the pain will come back and I will need more treatments. I will go back because I got results.
-Juan Herrea; Bastrop, Texas

“The machine helped get our athletes back on the field 50% faster than previous treatment regimens.”
-Gary Huckabee, coach/trainer

“I suffer from degenerative disc disorder; and after many steroid shots, had been told by several doctors that nothing else could be done to alleviate the excruciating pain. Doctors prescribed heavy narcotics and they proved to have little impact on the pain and produced terrible side effect.
After only 10 days of use of the device, I was amazed at how my life had changed. I was driving again and doing things that I had not been able to do in a year. “
-Wanda Murphree, 80 years YOUNG

“…I Feel Alive Again!”
I have been plagued with back problems most of my adult life. I have gone through back surgery three times. Each time it has given me temporary relief; several years after the second surgery the pain returned. To my wife’s dismay, our social activities began to fade away. I could not comfortably walk any distance, sit, or stand for an extended period of time.
My neice introduced me to this unit. She has used the Wellness Pro and was enthusiastic about the excellent results she has had using one. She begged me to try it before taking a chance on surgery again. The device was delivered to my home and I began using it immediately. No rash promises were made at the time the Electromedical device was left with me. In just a few days I began to feel improvement. In less than one week, the pain in my back and legs was gone. I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my mind and body. Mentally and physically I feel alive again. I no longer dread going to bed, only to toss and turn in pain all night.

-G. Mc Larney


“In the 27 years as an athletic trainer, I have never seen such results when treating student athletes. This season (our) injuries have had little if any swelling. Some of the sprains in the past would put (our athletes) several weeks in (to) treatment and rehab. With use of the Wellness Pro, I have been able to keep them on the field (or court) practicing.”
-Felix Chavez, trainer

…It’s a Miracle instrument!”I have been seeing Doctors for years and they were unable to help me in any way with my type of arthritis which was in my knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, neck and various other places. I had been given a series of pain shots every five hours and been told I had a bad kidney infection. When one of my doctors recommended I look into getting a WellnessPro. I called the company, sent in my prescription and picked up my MACHINE from my Doctor. I used Pain frequencies. All I can say is that I am at a loss of words. My pain stopped, the swelling is gone. Years of suffering and in less then 3 days of using this unit, I’m Pain Free! I just can’t figure out how this works! If you believe in miracles, believe in the Wellness PRO! It’s a miracle instrument.
-Jack M.

Pain in injured hand gone after one treatment!
I injured my hand on the job and had swelling, soreness and pain when I tried to open and close my hand. Also it hurt when I tried to pick something up or tried to write.

II was given one treatment using the Wellness Pro, Electro-Medical device. I noticed immediate improvement and the following day my pain was completely gone.
-M. Murphy
“…No more Pain since Treatment!”
I had a patient come to me complaining of pain in the ball of her right foot for a year. She did not remember at first when the pain started or how. She had seen several doctors, a physical therapist and a chiropractor, used several kinds of rubs and nothing was helping. No diagnosis was made except “foot pain of undetermined etiology”. She was at a loss as to what else to do and needed relief since she worked in a nursing home as a nurses assistant. Her job kept her on her feet all day lifting and moving patients.

The chiropractor I work with referred her to me for treatment. After assessing the situation and asking many questions, we determined that the pain began about a year previous when she jumped out of a boat onto the rocky shoreline at the lake. I surmised that she bruised a tendon or ligament, interrupted the electrical flow, and the area would not heal.

Three treatments later and she came dancing into the office, praising the machine and the treatments.

That was 3 months ago, and she has not had the first pain since! She is promoting the Wellness Pro to all her fellow workers and friends.
-Nancy R.


Arm and elbow pain gone!
My name is Taylor Fording, I am very active in sports and I injured my arm at the elbow. It was very painful to raise and lower or even move my arm. I had also lost strength in my arm and was unable to lift weights or do exercises that involved my left arm. I received a 36 minute treatment with the WellnessPro which involved pads on my arm and holding cylinders. The relief was immediate. I was able to move my arm without pain. The therapist asked me to try to lift some weights after the treatment. I picked up some 25 pound weights with my left arm and did 10 curls with no pain and with no discomfort.
The following day I was completely pain free.
-T. Fording

“After hip replacement surgery, healing was extremely painful and slow. I had a limp and had just purchased a cane to assist my walking. In only 5 days of purchasing the device, I no longer used the cane and was back spending hours in the saddle , training horses, roping, and operating heavy equipment. My knees are also GREATLY improved.
-Larry Guy, competitive calf and steer roper