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NEW Breakthrough in Technology and Medicine

FDA Cleared Bio-Electromedicine Medical Device

Most effective Modality on the Market Today!!

· Cutting Edge Technology taking the place of older types technology!

· More effective than e-stim or ultrasound

· More comfortable than e-stim. Athletes LOVE the way it FEELS and results it produces!!

· 3 times the relief and treatment for 1/3 of the cost!!! $3495 plus extra $100 for accessories, if desired

· Immediate relief from more conditions than other modalities. IMMEDIATE!!

· Specific treatments for tendons, muscles, nerves, bones, joints, etc

· No Expensive Calibration required

· Uses 1 million frequencies to work with specific cells (accurate to 1/100thhertz)

· Frequency range from .01-10,000 hertz

· Works at a deeper level …”Deep Pulse” Technology

·Portable Modality. Convenient to travel with the team on the bus or plan

· Great to have on the sideline for an acute sprain or strain

· Method of delivery allows trainer to manage other athletes simulateously. Hands on treatment not necessary.

· Can treat 4 athletes at one time

· Device has 900 preset programs which takes the guess work out of which frequencies to use. An additional 100 programs for you to program the device for specific needs.


Personalized training and service! We mentor you until you are familiar and comfortable with the operation and treatment of each condition.


  • -Full Microcurrent Control
  • -Can treat four people at one time!
  • -Multi Auto-run multiple auto programs (one after the other)
  • -DUAL mode (Interferential)-similar to running two units at one time
  • -FLUX-set frequency range parameters for unit to target
  • -Backup/Restore
  • -STIM card-personalize custom card to each patient or backup data
  • -Enhanced wave types: Burst, Spectrum, Sweep, Duplex, Continuous
  • -Designed with Custom programmable functions for simple or advanced use
  • -New ultra conductive lead wires for unmatched high level of frequency delivery
  • -Large full color screen for better visual clarity
  • -Dedicated extension port for new upcoming accessories and new devices

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***Join the many schools and sports medicine departments currently seeing impressive results with the use of this device.

References upon request.